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Author malw  Date 01 Jan 07, 07:33  Views 1634
Description Standard Links that can be added to text for use on the Club Welcome page (or in an external web-site)
Category Club Control Panel  Type Information
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Welcome Page Links

How the Welcome and News areas work

All text entered as a message in the club members forum with a topic type of 'Welcome' is displayed to users viewing the club's opening page in the 'Welcome' area.

So, if you create a new message in your club's forum with a topic type of 'Welcome' and go back to the opening page you will see this message displayed to anyone that visits the site. The message subject is used as a header bar and the text shown beneath that.

You may have as many messages and as much text as you choose - the only limit is what looks good on the opening page for your club.

The same applies to messages created with a topic type of 'News' in your club forum - all text there is displayed in the 'News' area on the opening page.
The news area is intended for short items only - so if you post a long article here it will be truncated on the front-page display with a link that the user may click on to view the full article.

To create a new News or Welcome item: Go to your Club's discussion forum and press the button 'New Topic'. Type your message and select the appropriate topic type so that the message will display as a News or a Welcome item.

Topics in your club forum with a topic type of 'News', 'Welcome' or 'Welcome (parked)' are only visible when you look in the forum if you have system permissions to edit the club's welcome and news. If they are visible they will always show at the top of the first page.
These topic types are only available when creating a new message if you have system permissions to edit the club's welcome and news.
Permission is set for club officers in the control panel. Please refer to the Knowledgebase article: http://www.d71.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=28

You may use bbcode when preparing text for display on the opening page (e.g. BIG BLUE LETTERS and, if you really must, Emoticons (smileys). Laughing

(You may access the front page from anywhere by clicking on your club's logo at top left)


To allow users looking at the opening page easy access to popular features you may enter a link code at the end of your piece of text that wil be expanded by the program into a description and a hot-link.
(These link codes are defined in the club control panel under 'Welcome Links' and you may add new ones or change existing links there)

For example, you may type in your Welcome Forum:

We are a wonderful group, come along to our next meeting where you will be made very welcome.

When this is displayed on the opening page the {N} will display as Get details of our next meeting and when anyone clicks on the link they will automatically be taken to the next meeting for your club.

Available Links
The following link codes are created as standard for each club:
{C} Check the calendar of events
{L} Get directions to our club meetings
{M} Look at the list of members
{N} Get details of our next meeting
{R} Join our mailing list and be kept aware of future events
You may add new links through the club control panel

Some links are also useful to add to the Club's main web-site - just be careful to insert your own club number and create the full URL by adding 'http://d71.org' to the front of the link that is used internally on this site.

More information on adding links to your club's main web-site to connect back to easy-Speak is given here:

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