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Description How to use the easy-Speak system for your Club or District Officer Training
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Club Officer Training 

You may use the easy-Speak system to run Club or District Officer Training.
This will allow you to:

    Create a list of potential attendees automatically using all the current officers within your Area, Division or District
    Create an agenda (starting with a template saved from an earlier meeting)
    Assign people to the various roles
    E-mail attendees to advise them of the meeting detail
    Print Name Badges for all attendees
    Send an e-mail to the LGET listing everyone that attended

Operation of the easy-Speak system is identical to running a club meeting except for the following additional features:
    All current club officers are listed automatically as potential attendees.
    You may select the meeting location from any location used by clubs in your span of control - or you may create a special one for this training.
    When you have 'closed' the meeting by recording who actually attended you will be prompted to send an e-mail to confirm training attendance.
    (The e-mail will be sent to a list of District officers as specified for your District and the Club Presidents for all the clubs represented by your attendees)

For a full explanation of running the meeting please refer to these articles:

The agenda e-mail system
Assigning members to roles
Editing the agenda
Assigning speakers for the meeting
Recording what actually happened

Click here for a web training video on Club or District Officer Training (19.2Mb)