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Description Tips and Examples of Guest Information for Club Start-up

Guest Information for Club Start-up 

There are lots of leaflets available from TMI for guests - you can down-load some from TMI website www.toastmasters.org and others are supplied in the initial (pre) Charter Kit. However, you might want to provide your guests with some specific information about YOUR club - in a Welcome Letter, which they can take away. This might include more specific information about your meetings and it can be more relevant to YOUR guests and made more personal to YOUR club than the TMI material

Guests might like to take this information away, so make sure you include contact details - in case they have further questions.

Information to include might be a warm welcome from the Club sponsors, joining information (costs and what you get when you join), future dates of meetings plus a SHORT intro to the TM program and/or meeting roles; also remember to include a THANK YOU to the guest for attending and ENCOURAGEMENT for them to return.

Some new Clubs like to personalise the TMI Membership Form (see below)- although these must still include the signed agreement to the TM Promise and Indemnification and Release. Here are some examples of Guest Information: