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Author malw  Date 29 Apr 06, 20:07  Views 1488
Description Newsletter article from Chantal with tips from Toastmaster training
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Presenting your business

Many people join a Toastmasters group to help them improve the way they present their business.
One of the best ways of promoting your business to a number of people in one go is to make a presentation.
Whether you need to fill the 10 minute slot at your local breakfast group or you’ve been asked to talk for half an hour as a guest somewhere, presenting your business this way is not only effective – its also free!

So how do you make a lasting impression? Here are five tips:

    Know your audience. Are they all sole traders? If so, don’t talk to them about employment law. If they’re all accountants, don’t tell them you can do their books!
    Keep it simple. Don’t try to tell the audience everything there is to know about your business. Pick a specific product or service to talk about each time.
    Use bullet points to break up what you say into easy to remember sections. If you can, write up the points on a flip chart or put them onto a one-page hand out. Using bullet points will also help you keep an eye on your timing.
    Show them what you mean. If you want to tell people how to make direct mail work, take along some examples – good or bad – to illustrate your points.
    Watch the clock. If you’ve been given 10 minutes, stick to it. If you can’t see a clock, put your watch somewhere visible, or ask someone to let you know when you’ve had 6 minutes and 8 minutes. This will help you pace yourself and finish on time, without having to rush.

If you’ve only been given one minute in which to present your business, you need to plan your time even more carefully, to make sure you create a good impression. If you’re someone who dreads the question, “So, what do you do?” or you tremble at the thought of having to tell a group about your business in just 60 seconds, here are a few points to ponder on:
    Talk about a problem your audience may be facing, not the solution.
    Use emotive words, like ‘struggling’. “Are you struggling to …?”
    Make it short and to the point, focusing on one problem only. Too much information just confuses. You can talk about another problem another time.
    Say you line and then shut up – this is harder to do than you think. The temptation is to keep talking, but don’t! Leave people wanting to know more or let them ask you a question.
    Think through what you want to say, write it down and practice it – a lot!

However long you’ve got to present your business to a group of people, spend some time planning your presentation in advance you might even start to enjoy doing it! If you want some feedback on what you say and how you say it, why not try out your business presentation at a Bicester Speakers Club meeting, where you can be guaranteed some useful comments that will help you improve your presentation.

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