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Description Programmes for the second session this Toastmaster year

Officer Training 

Club Officer Training should be conducted during the following periods:
1st round: June, July and August;
2nd round: December, January and February.

Each club needs 4 or more officers attending the first training round and 4 or more officers attending the second training round to achieve the Distinguished Club Programme training point.

Each Area Governor, in co-operation with their Division Governor, should plan training well in advance and urge the officers in each Club to attend - getting the names of attendees in advance so that a programme can be tailored for them.

A list of club officers trained should be emailed by the Area Governor to the Lt Governor Education & Training so that they can be recorded by the LGET with World Headquarters.

Links to some presentations and resources you can use

New Competent Leadership manual:

Publicity and Online Opportunities:

Club Officer roles:

From the Toastmasters International web-site ...

Training guide:

Club Officer Training presentations:

Area/Division Governor Training: http://www.toastmasters.org/Members/OfficerResources/DistrictOfficerResources/DistrictTraining/DistrictOfficerTraining/TrainingMaterials.aspx