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by CelineVPE on 06 Mar 11, 15:25

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Old post on tmclub.eu: easy-Speak Translation team welcome

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Joined Date: 2014-01-26, 21:19
Posts: 56
Location: Québec City

Post Post subject Old post on tmclub.eu: easy-Speak Translation team welcome   Posted 21 Apr 15, 04:40    Reply with quote

The information below is taken from the obsolete forum "Easy Speak Translation Team" that was on the www.tmclub.eu installation and placed here for historical information.

The original post was created by IvanA, on 2008-11-18. The two attachments to that post are no longer relevant and so are not copied here.

Hi everyone,

The translation of easy-Speak into French, German, Polish, Dutch and Lithuanian is now underway. The work is being done online for the most part and a number of email files offline. However, the online translations are being done on a test system separate to the live system.

Here are the tasks in summary 

  • Change password and language
  • Goto the Translation section
  • Complete file to be translated
  • Translation of Email Templates

For more information download the pdf and follow the instructions. The email templates are also ready for downloading.

Please give me a call before you start.


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Site Admin

Joined Date: 2014-01-26, 21:19
Posts: 56
Location: Québec City

Post Post subject Re: Old post on tmclub.eu: easy-Speak Translation team welco   Posted 21 Apr 15, 04:56    Reply with quote

The information below is a consolidation of all of the replys to the forum post that was on the www.tmclub.eu installation.

The attached file is the one added by wm-admin to the 2013-04-04 reply post. 

======= Post by Ang.Mas on 2013-04-03

Hello everybody

I'm Angelo Mascaro, president of the MilanEasy Toastmasters club in Italy.

I'd like to work on this project and to translate into Italian. I've downloaded the two files and I'm going to take a look to them.

read you soon, Angelo

======= Post by wm-admin on 2013-04-04

Dear Angelo, thanks for your enthusism and your willingness to help with this project.  I'm sorry to inform you that we cannot translate the program code at this time.  We have not given up, however.    What we can do is create an Italian language "set-up" club in the system and then, when a new club starts, we can copy the 'set-up' club to get them started. 
So, what we really need is to have the officer roles and the meeting roles translated, plus to have the PR portal pages translated.   Please download the Official Translation guide, here,  and return it to Easy-Speak.Support.Team@hotmail.com

Best regards,

Bill Monsour
Easy-Speak Support Team Coordinator

======= Post by francesco on 2013-04-11

Hy Bill,

any news on the idea to create a translation tool for Easy Speak ? While having the translation of the PR portal pages and of the officer / meeting roles is usefull, having the software in another language or better yet being able to choose the language would be very usefull ! In the meantime you can look at our club (Toastmasters Roma, c=618) to see the PR portal pages translated into Italian, or actually available in both Italian and English side by side.


President, Toastmasters Roma

Francesco FEDELE, President 2012/2013

======= Post by wm-admin on 2013-04-11

You can already translate quite a lot into any language, such as your club officers, meeting roles and the whole PR Portal.  
It is the automatically generated code that will remain in English for the time being.  However, we recently have installed some new programming software that should enable us to restart the project translation of code sometime soon.  It is a priority.


======= Post by MarcinK12 on 2014-05-13


I represent a Polish club where I face some challenges in driving Easy Speak adoption because of the lack of Polish language support. I imagine there is quite a lot of code to be re-written, but I believe it is worth it. If we were to implement the same approach that for example phpBB application is using, we could end up having the ability to quickly translate ES into any language version. I can spend some time to browse through the code and make the changes (from 'static' to 'dynamic') where necessary while building a language configuration file on the side.

Please let me know if you still see this as a priority.


======= Post by BillM on 2014-05-13

Thank you for your offering to help!

Can I ask you first to contact Jerzy Andrzej Gzula, ACB ALB who is the leader of the Polish Translation group?  He has a team of volunteers already working with a translation tool to translate the lines of text into Polish.



======= Post by Nymphaea on 2014-11-16

What is the current status? Can I switch easyspeak to Dutch for my club? (How?) Or is there still translation work going on? If so how can we help?

======= Post by BillM on 2014-11-16

Unfortunately in one year none of the five translation teams (French, German, Polish, Italian, Portuguese) have managed to complete the translation of the system.  Our original plan was to let these groups work first before inviting other language teams to proceed.  The problem for the team moderator volunteers seems to be finding and coordinating their volunteer translators. We are not aware of any technical reason why any team has not been been able to accomplish the goal. 

In the past, Jan van Egmond has coordinated some translation of Toastmasters materials into Dutch.  Maybe he is still interested, I don't know.  We could set up a Dutch team and let them try to translate the website.

======= Post by JanSch1 on 2014-11-30

Dear Bill,

sorry to hear this lack of progress with all the translation teams. Before jumping in on this - could you give an idea of the amount of words to be translated to give a rough idea of how many people it takes? I previously worked a bit on the TYPO3.org translation team and have an IT background, so I think about helping for the German translation.

Looking forward to hear from you!


======= Post by BillM on 2014-12-01

Hello Jan,

Just this week we have appointed a new moderator Sabine for the German translation team, and of all the teams, the German team has made the most progress.

I will let Sabine know that you are interested to help, so that she can contact you and let you know what still needs to be done.


======= Post by JanSch1 on 2014-12-01

Thanks for your help, Bill, again :) 

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