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Re-instated, transfer and dual members

Applications for reinstated, transfer and dual members cannot be submitted online. Instead they must be emailed, faxed or posted to World Headquarters.

The joining fee does not have to be paid again to the original Club (for a reinstated member) or to the new Club (for a transfer or dual member).

If the member wishes to enter a Contest, care should be taken that he or she is a member of the Club he or she is representing at the time of the Contest.

The following should be noted for transfer members:
If the member is transferring to an existing Club TI must be sent notice from the Club the member is transferring to stating the date the transfer takes effect and the name and number of the other club.
If the member is transferring to a new Club this information is included in the charter documentation anyway.
However in both cases a letter should be enclosed from the Secretary of the Club the member is transferring from confirming that they accept the transfer.

The membership application form may be downloaded from the Toastmasters International website:

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