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Author malw  Date 13 Apr 09, 15:03  Views 1887
Description An explanation of the standard 'meeting roles' and their maintenance in the Club Control Panel
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Meeting Roles

The important meeting roles are assigned to a member for each meeting - for example 'Toastmaster' or 'Grammarian'.
The system also uses a 'non-person' role to print a line on the agenda for activities such as 'Break' or 'End of Meeting'

You may use the Meeting Roles screen in the Control panel to create new roles or re-name or change the way that existing roles work. For example, if you want your Grammarian to be called 'Wordmaster' you would change the name using this screen.

You may access the Club Control features of the system by clicking on the hot-link 'Club Control Panel' at the bottom of all screens (just above the Toastmaster copyright notice).
Note that the link is only visible if you are logged in AND are authorised as system administrator for your club AND have your own club selected.

Once your club is running smoothly you are unlikely ever to use this screen.

For each role the following data are required:

Role Name: (e.g. Timekeeper)

Role Abbreviation: Used on the member charts

Role Comment sent on e-mail:
'Agenda e-mail four' is specific to each role and sent individually to the member assigned this role for the meeting.
This field can be used to add a specific message to the e-mail sent for the role. For example, the Sergeant at Arms may be requested to arrive at least 45 minutes before meeting start time to prepare the room.

Helper url for this role
Again, for 'agenda e-mail four', this field will give the e-mail recipient a link to get help or advice on the role.
The field may contain just a knowledgebase number from this site (the k=123 when you look in the Knowledgebase) or a full url if you wish to point to information on another website.
The help information defined here is also presented to any user of the site if they click on the role name in the meeting agenda screen or the club chart 'List by role'.
(To use the Knowledgebase number enter the number only - eg 43 for the General Evaluator.)
If you have club-specific information for a role you may create a NEW Knowledgebase article that fully describes the role and direct your members to it by placing its 'k-number' into this field for your club. Please remember that new Knowledgebase articles are not visible to the public until they have been approved by a moderator.

TI description for CL reporting
Some roles are used to record achievements for the CL award - select the correct Toastmasters International description here.

Include location comment on meeting e-mail sent to this role
Each location contains an additional comment to be sent with 'agenda e-mail four' for certain roles. For example the comment may say 'Get the key from Mary the night before the meeting' and be sent to the Toastmaster for any meeting at this location. (With a different message sent to the Toastmaster for a meeting at another location).

Yes if the role may be assigned to a person (e.g. Timekeeper)
No if it is for system use only (e.g. Network Break)

Yes if you will allow members to volunteer on-line for this role.
Normally No for Toastmaster, General Evaluator and Speakers since you will assign these yourself.
It is not possible to set this to yes for speaking roles since the system requires more information (which manual and assignment, the speech title etc). Instead, have a 'Reserve Speaker' or encourage your members to place their speech requests in the queue so that you have a pool of potential speeches available to cover last-minute changes.
Please refer to the Knowledgbase item for more information on members volunteering for a role

Can repeat
Can the role be assigned more than once in a meeting? (e.g. Speakers)

Hide repeat
Hide the repeat number when printing the agenda? (e.g. Competition Timekeepers)

Is this Role Only for Competitions?
A yes here will cause the role to be listed, away from the routine meeting roles, at the bottom of the Member Charts 'List by role'.

Yes for assigned speakers, No for any other role (including Table Topics)

Yes for Topic Evaluators and Table Topic Evaluators
No for any other role except the Chief Evaluator which is identified separately.

Can this role assign roles to other members on-line etc
For future use

Automatic Role Allocation Settings
Is this a major role that requires significant preparation?
Roles such as Speaker, Toastmaster and Evaluator require significant preparation. Members will be given easier roles between two major roles.
Another choice for this field is used for agenda items such as 'Presidents's Introduction' or 'Club Business' which will always be performed by the Club President or their deputy.
You may also set a role not to be assigned automatically.

Minimum number of meetings before a new member should be assigned this role
If you wish to over-ride the general club setting for this specific role you may do so here.

Do not assign this role to members who have attended more than NN meetings
If you wish to avoid assigning certain roles to the more experienced members of the club you may do so here.

Minimum number of speeches before a new member should be assigned this role
If you wish to over-ride the general club setting for this specific role you may do so here.

Minimum number of meetings before any member should be assigned this role again
If you wish to over-ride the general club setting before a member would normally be asked to repeat this specific role you may do so here.

The allocation engine will assign roles in this sequence
The automatic role allocation engine works by first trying to assign the least challenging roles to the least experienced members of the club and working through the membership list until it finds a member that can take the role. There is no need to change this setting and you may wish to leave it alone but, if you are adding a new role that is specific to your club, you should consider where to place it in the allocation sequence.

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