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Description Information about creating a meeting to show in the calendar.
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Creating a Meeting

Ensure that you are logged in to the system.

Use the calendar to select an existing meeting for your club.
At the top of the screen, just to the right of the 'Previous Meeting :: Next Meeting' links you will see a button to create a new event.
Make sure that you are logged in to your club (The club name will show at the top left of the screen)
Select the calendar and click on the New Event button at the bottom right of the screen.

(If the button is not visible you are not logged in to your club or you do not have system authority to create and edit meetings. Please refer to Knowledgebase article on Club Officers.) http://d71.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=28

Click on the New Event button and the 'Post New Event' screen opens.

The event title will default to your club name. This is the field that shows in the calendar - leave the club name in place but add extra information if you want to make the event more recognisable. For example 'Myclub - Barbeque'.

Event Type
Use the radio button to select the type of event. (If you club uses data management through this site the default is a Toastmaster meeting)

    Toastmaster Meeting - Formal meeting with an agenda and members assigned to roles. (Active data clubs only)
    Committee Meeting - Visible ONLY to officers of your club, you can use the system to advise officers about the meeting and track planned attendance etc.
    Other Event - These events show in the calendar and are visible to everyone but do not use the agenda and attendance features of this site.
    Officer Training - (Only shown if you are creating a meeting for Area>District.) You may use the system to manage a training event, issue e-mail invitations, track potential attendees, print the agenda and print name badges

Use the mini-calendar to select the meeting date.
The system will automatically suggest the date for your next Toastmaster meeting based on the information in your club settings for which day of the week you meet and which weeks in each month. You may change the suggested date (because of Christmas or a summer break for example) and you will need to set the date if you are creating an 'other event'.

Starting at
The meeting start time defaults to the setting in your club control panel. Use the pull-down to set the time for this meeting.

Use the pull-down to select the location for this meeting. (Locations are created and amended using the club control panel - Please look at the Knowledgebase article to understand more) http://d71.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=30

(Items marked * below are only required for Toastmaster meetings)

Meeting Number *
The system will automatically show the next meeting number but you may correct it if necessary. Each time that you create a new Toastmaster meeting the number entered here will be increased by one and used as the number for the next meeting.
If your club has said 'No' in the Club Control Panel to printing meeting numbers on the agenda, nothing will be printed on the agenda but the numbering will be maintained behind the scenes.

Theme *
Enter the theme for this meeting. This will default to 'TBA' if your club normally shows a theme for each meeting. If the field is blank, nothing will be printed on the agenda.

Meeting Manager *
This will default to your name. Use the pull-down to make another club member responsible - and enable them to use the Allocation, Agenda and Meeting e-mail features for this meeting.

Select Template Name *
You must create an agenda for the meeting before you may assign members to speeches and other roles.
Use the pull-down to select the template that best matches this meeting.
Hint: Do not select the agenda until you know what sort of meeting it will be. You can edit the agenda later, but it will take you several minutes to change it - from 'two speeches' to 'three speeches' for example.
(When you have made changes to the agenda you may use the new version to replace the old template or create a new template if you have system authority to edit templates)
If you submit the wrong agenda template, or the nature of the event changes later so that you need a different template, you may delete the whole event and start again. Or, you could return to this edit page and switch to a different agenda template. Do this sparingly, however.

For most Toastmaster meetings you will leave this blank but you may enter text here that will show on the agenda for this meeting only. (It will also print at the bottom of the previous meeting's agenda if you have club meetings set to display details of the next meeting on each agenda.)
An example for a Toastmaster meeting would be 'This is our AGM please make a special effort to attend'

For an 'other' event, show full details of the event and optionally enter a URL that will allow a user to click across to another web-site for more information.

How to delete a meeting
If you need to delete a meeting, and have the system permission to do this (normally VP-E), you will see a small check-box at the bottom of the screen 'Delete this post'. Selecting this and pressing 'Submit' will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the meeting and will then delete the meeting, all role assignments and attendance information.
The meeting numbers for subsequent meetings will also be corrected.

If you want to show additional text on meeting agenda and e-mail you have further choices to automate this:
A general comment on the location will show on the agenda and all e-mail each time this location is used.
A selective comment on the location will be included on e-mail sent to certain roles (eg 'Pick up the key from....' to the TME or SAA)
A comment on the role will be sent with the e-mail for that role (e.g. 'Please arrive early...' to the SAA)
You may also enter a comment in the Club Control Panel to be printed at the top of all agenda.

Click here for a web training video on creating the meeting (16.7Mb)
Click here for a web training video on reports that available for the meeting (11.3Mb)

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