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Description How to understand and get the best from the information presented in the seven charts
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The Club 'Member Charts' 

The club 'Member Charts' provide an overview of what is happening in your club. They give information to help your club officers run a successful and enjoyable club.

There are currently eight charts available, each of which is presented in a format suitable for viewing on a computer screen with an alternative format suitable for printing.
The printable formats do not show selection boxes - use the 'back' button on your web browser to return to the previous screen and make a new selection.

Each of the first six charts charts lists detail about current 'full members' of your club and may be sorted by the date that they joined your club or by name etc.

Three of the charts may be used to 'look ahead' at future meetings. The default choice of 'look ahead' is set in the club control panel but you may change this selection when using the screen.
(Note: no data is available for past meetings where the club officers have not yet confirmed actual attendance and role assignments. An error message is displayed and the meeting date coloured red)

All the charts include hot-links back to the member's profile, the meeting detail, the Knowledgebase article about that role etc etc. If it's blue it will take you somewhere relevant if you click on it.
All of the charts which display icons (rather than words) will also show more detail if you hover with your cursor over the icon. For example, hovering over a speech icon will show the title of the speech and the date that it was presented (or is scheduled to be presented)

Chart 1 - Roles
This chart lists each of the main meeting roles for your club with a coloured tick showing which members have performed each role. The colour of the tick indicates how recently each member took each role and clicking on it will take you to the meeting for the last time they did it.
Up to ten roles may be presented in the chart - the choice is made in the club control panel for your club.

Chart 2 - Speeches
This chart shows each member's progress towards CTM or ATM etc. It lists each manual that a member is working on and shows the speeches that have been presented (green ticks), are scheduled for future meetings (orange ticks) or are requested but as yet not scheduled (yellow ticks).
The member, their mentor and the club VP-E may click on the manual name to see a complete summary of all speeches in the manual.
THE VP-E may send an e-mail or access a member's profile directly from this screen to book additional speeches into the 'queue'.

Chart 3 - Participation
The participation screen shows twelve meetings with icons indicating speakers, evaluators, other roles and attendance. This screen may be filtered to show a single role only.
You may use this screen to look ahead and plan roles for future meetings. The meeting dates are coloured green for future dates.

Chart 4 - List byMember
This is very similar to the participation chart, but uses words rather than icons meaning that there is only room for eight meetings on the screen or four on the printed version.

Chart 5 - List by Role
This is very similar to the List by Member, showing the same information but presenting it by role and then showing the members that took each role at each meeting. You may find it convenient to print this chart 'looking ahead' several meetings and circulate it at a meeting as a 'sign-up' sheet.

Chart 6 - Leadership Track
This chart shows each member's progress through the Competent Leader and Advanced Leader awards.
For your own record and any member where you are their mentor or computer 'buddy' you may click on the award name (e.g. CL) on the right of the screen to get full detail of the progress to date and the projects that remain.
The Vice President of Education for your club may also use this detail screen to mark projects completed and to start recording you on the CL, old CL or AL etc manuals.

Chart 7 - Membership Campaign
If your club has decided to use this feature, the chart will show which club members have introduced the most new members to the club. You may click on any member's name to view their profile.

Chart 8 - Visitors Introduced
If your club has decided to use this feature, the chart will show which club members have introduced the most new visitors to the club meetings. You may click on a member or visitor's name to view their profile.

Chart 9 - Mentoring
This chart lists all full members of the club, shows their mentor and then lists any members where they are the mentor.