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Description Checklist for the Contest Chair

Contest Chair 

· Know who are the Contestants
· Get speech titles
· Make sure the Chief Judge has the signed Top 3 Certificates
· Make sure the Participation Certificates are completed and signed and then given to whoever is going to present them (if the Contestants are being interviewed, presenting each with a Participation Certificate is a good way of ending each interview)
· Check who is bringing the lights and stop watch
· Bring numbers for the draw (numbering sets are included in the Downloadable Notes/Script below)

Contestants Briefing
Round up all the Contestants. If any are not there, carry on regardless as latecomers forfeit the right to be briefed. If a Contestant arrives after the contest has started to be introduced they also forfeit the right to participate.

Explain Room layout:
· Speak from anywhere in the room
· A lectern is provided, but its use is optional

· Explain that timing will begin with the first definite verbal or non-verbal communication with the audience
· Explain when the green, yellow and the red lights will appear:
International Speech Contest - 5, 6 and 7 minutes
Evaluation Contest - 2, 2½ and 3 minutes
· Explain when Contestants will be disqualified:
International Speech Contest - less than 4½ minutes or more than 7½ minutes
Evaluation Contest - less that 1½ minutes or more than 3½ minutes
· Show where the timing lights will be and check that Contestants will be able to see them

Eligibility & originality:
· To be eligible, Contestants must be a fully paid-up member of a chartered Toastmasters club
· Any quoted material must be identified as such during the speech
· In the event of a protest, any protests must be lodged with Contest Chair or Chief Judge before the results are announced
· Check that eligibility certificates are filled in

Draw for the speaking order:
· Ask each Contestant to pick a number
· Write down the order of the Contestants
· Check on name pronunciations
· Check the titles of the speeches
· For a Speech Contest, remind Contestants you will only be giving name and speech title, speech title and name (for example, "Bob Ferguson with a speech entitled Going All the Way, with a speech entitled Going All the Way please welcome Bob Ferguson")

Before the Contest begins
· Check the Chief Judge is organised and ready
· Arrange with the Sergeant at Arms that there will be no entry or exit during the speeches

Downloadable Notes/Script
Here is a suggested Contest Chair script for the Autumn and Spring contests with record-keeping forms and numbers for the draw.
Notes/script for the Autumn Contests Chair - (48 Kb)
Notes/script for the Spring Contests Chair - (43 Kb)

You can download the International Speech Contest rules from Toastmasters International:
Click here to download