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Description Structuring Effective Presentations

Structuring Effective Presentations 

Structuring Effective Presentations

Use metaphors - metaphors and analogies are vital to communication. 'It's like climbing a greasy pole', for example, conveys far more than just literal meaning. It conveys image and feeling and enables others to empathise through similar experiences of their own.

Examples - giving an example always helps your listeners to see more clearly what you mean. It's quicker and more colourful.

Finale - end as if you have done well. Do this even if you feel like you've done badly. First, you're probably the worst judge of how you've done, and second, if you finish well you'll certainly fool some of the people into thinking it was all pretty good. And anyway a good finish will get you some applause - and you deserve it!

Follow these tips and your presentation and speaking skills will start to blossom!