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Author malw Date 12 Apr 06, 17:45 Views 1157
Description What is expected from you when you take the hospitality role for a meeting?



When you take this role you are responsible for making all guests feel welcome and comfortable at the club.

    Arrive in good time for the meeting, so you are on the door to welcome all guests

    Ask each guest to fill in the visitors form

    Introduce each guest to a member, who can then explain what’s going on and answer any questions (If that member can then sit with the guest during the meeting, they can carry on answering questions and help the visitor during the meeting if necessary)

    Make sure that the visitors form is given the the Toastmaster of the evening so that they may introduce each guest correctly.

    Check in with the guests during the break to make sure they’re OK, that they have a drink etc

    Say goodbye to each guest at the end of the night and invite them to the next meeting.

    Call each guest a week or so after the meeting to ask them if they enjoyed the meeting and to invite them to come again or to join the club.