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Author malw  Date 28 Jan 08, 22:42  Views 1446
Description The duties and responsibilities of an Area Governor
Category District Division and Area Officers  Type Reference

Area Governor

Term: July 1 to June 30 (the Toastmaster year)

District Governor and Division Governor

Connection: District Governor appoints Area Governors. Area Governor of the Year Plaque


    1. Attend Governor Training or arrange for training by the District Governor.
    2. Actively participate and contribute to Executive Committee meetings.
    3. Commit to reaching President’s Distinguished Area status by June 30th (the end of the current Toastmaster year).

    Nine goals make up the Distinguished Area Program.
    Some of the goals use percentages to calculate what your clubs need to accomplish during this year to satisfy the goal. In these cases, round your result down.
    For example, for Goal #1, 75% of your semi-annual reports need to be submitted on time. If you have 6 clubs in your Area, you would have to have 4 in by June 30. (6 * 75% = 4.5, round down to 4).

      1. 75% of October semi-annual reports submitted on time
      2. 75% of April semi-annual reports submitted on time
      3. Average of 1.75 CCs per club
      4. Average of 0.5 ACs per club
      5. 60% of clubs in Area are Distinguished
      6. 80% of round 1 club visits submitted on time
      7. 80% of round 2 club visits submitted on time
      8. 60% of clubs with membership greater than 20 by June 30
      9. Net growth of 1 club in your Area

    4. Make a minimum of two visits to each club in your Area (one between July and September and one between January and March).
      * Complete the Area Governor Visitation Report Form.
      * More visits are encouraged if possible.

    5. Contact each club President in your Area monthly to discuss:
      * Distinguished Club performance
      * Educational achievements
      * Membership status and challenges
    6. Support and focus on the Toastmasters critical success factors of CC and AC achievement, new members, and new clubs.
    7. Motivate every club in your Area to be a Distinguished Club.
    8. Ensure no net club loss in your Area.
    9. Assist with the building of one new club in your Area.
    10. Guarantee that a minimum of 4 club officers from each club in your Area are trained during the District training periods (June to August and December to February).
      * Either encourage officers to attend District or Division training events or
      * Conduct your own officer training.
    11. Assist clubs in your Area with the timely submission of required reports:
      * Semiannual Membership Dues Report (Due in October and April)
      * Club Officer Report Lists (Due in December and June)
      * International and Regional Convention Proxy Forms (March)
      * District Proxy Forms (2) required for Autumn and Spring Business Meetings (held at the Conferences)
    12. Organize and conduct two speech contests
      * One in Autumn
      * One in Spring
    13. Participate in District events (Conferences, Contests).
    14. Attend Division Council meetings (organized by your Division Governor).
    15. Keep your Division Governor and District Governor informed of your progress, activities and achievements
    16. Such other duties including communication, as may reasonably be requested by either the Division Governor and/or the District Governor
    17. Prepare and coach your successor so that they can assume office July 1.
      * Begin looking for your replacement immediately
      * Involve them in as much of your activity as possible
    18. Have fun! Enjoy your leadership opportunity!

Click here to download
Working document to print and take with you as a reminder of the information that you need for your report

Click here to download
Sample Proxy form for District Council

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