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Author malw  Date 13 Jul 08, 20:16  Views 2461
Description How to create 'news' or the 'welcome' information.
Category Club Management  Type Information
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Managing the front page of the site for your Club, Area, Division or District

Each Club, Area, Division and District on the site has a private forum for discussion that is only available to the members of that organisational unit. (For the sake of simplicity I shall say 'Club' for the rest of this article but the same features are available to Area, Division and District Officers and to Conference Administrators)

To get access to the Forum, make sure that you are logged on and viewing the correct club, and click on Club Data>Club Forum in the menu bar.
Or, click on Information>Forum and select the CORRECT forum for your news or welcome message. Club news goes in your Club forum, Area news in the Area forum etc.

If you are a Club or District officer you may post a special form of message in the forum for your Club.
At the bottom of the text input you will see a choice to post the message as:

    'Normal' - this is a normal message, visible in the forum to anyone else from your club and available for them to reply,
    'NEWS' - This is a special message that will appear in the news section of the site (a block at left side on all pages) - but only if it is recent news.
    'Welcome' - This too is a special message but it will show on the front page of the site for your Club.
    'Parked' - Prepare your news and keep it as 'Parked' until you want to publish it.
    These choices are only available if you are logged in and are an officer with system permission to create messages for the selected organisational unit.

The news that is presented to a user depends on what they are looking at.
At the Club level the system looks for Club news. If it doesn't find much which is current it will then look for Area news for that club, then for Division news, then for District news and finally for site-wide news.
The maximum number of news items that will be displayed is set by the web-master for the site.
At the Area, Division or District level the same logic is applied - only looking upward in the organisation.

This feature means that Area or Division or District contests, for example, need only be posted once and will be shown to everyone interested.

If you are a Conference Administrator you are also able to use these features to show news in the special 'Conference News' block shown on the front page of the site.
The extended sub-site options also allow text that you enter as a 'Page 1' to 'Page 10' messages to display on the special Conference pages defined for you by the webmaster.

To create a NEW 'News' or 'Welcome' item:

    Go to the correct forum
    Click on 'New Topic'
    Enter a 'Subject' that will appear at the top of this item when it is displayed
    Use the 'Message Body' to enter the bulk of your text. You may use the formatting codes (which are explained if you click on the '?' icon)
    Select the message type
    Click on 'Preview' if you would like to see how it looks
    Click on 'Submit' when you have finished

To EDIT or DELETE a 'News' or 'Welcome' item:
    Go to the correct forum
    Click on the title of the item that you wish to change
    Click on the Edit or Delete icon (delete is the little 'X' just to the right of edit)
    Either make your changes or confirm the deletion

You are only able to edit or delete your own postings.
In case of difficulty contact the webmaster.

Click here for a web training video on creating a News or Welcome message (10Mb)

An extended portal based feature allows clubs to create multiple pages of content.
See more details of the IM portal here: http://d71.org/kb.php?mode=article&k=148

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