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Club Control Panel
  Details on the settings in the Club Control Panel:
Running the Meeting
   Information on creating a meeting, advising members about it by e-mail, creating the agenda, allocating members to roles and finally recording what actually happened
Getting Started
  Getting your club started on easy-Speak.

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E-mail to all your members  Detail Training  malw 01 Jan 07, 07:30 1783
  How to send an e-mail to all your members or to certain status of members
Add an existing easy-Speak user as a member of your club  Information  malw 30 Sep 08, 17:14 1867
  How to add an existing easy-Speak user to your club.
Changing or correcting user data  Information  malw 03 May 08, 20:36 1858
  How to correct telephone numbers, schedule a speech or upload a photograph for your members.
Changing the location of your Club on the site maps and 'find a club'  Information  malw 01 May 07, 10:17 1624
  How to find the correct location for your Club and request that it be changed on the site maps and 'find a club'
Changing the officers for your club.  Information  malw 21 May 07, 22:56 2432
  How to change the person assigned to each officer position in your club (or Area/Division/District)
Create a New User  Information  malw 03 May 08, 20:35 1862
  How to create a new user on the system as a member of your Club
Different Layouts for the printed agenda  Information  malw 28 Nov 08, 20:21 1009
  An explanation and examples of the Agenda layout
How to create a Poll  Information  malw 01 Jan 07, 07:29 1508
  Creating a posting in your club discussion forum that contains a 'poll' allowing members to vote on a subject.
In what circumstances can a member volunteer for a role on-line?  Information  malw 01 Jan 07, 07:29 1948
  Description of how the system may be configured for your club
Managing the front page of the site for your Club, Area, Division or District  Information  malw 13 Jul 08, 20:16 2178
  How to create 'news' or the 'welcome' information.
Recording an external speech  Information  malw 01 Jan 07, 07:29 1397
  How to record a speech that one of your members made outside the club
Running a Membership Campaign  Information  malw 01 Jan 07, 07:30 1737
  How easy-Speak can help you to keep track of new members
The IM Portal  Information  malw 25 Oct 08, 11:41 2196
  How to use the extended portal system to create a website for your Club/Area/Division etc
Tracking Leadership Awards  Information  malw 13 Apr 09, 14:58 1968
  How to use the system to keep track of members' progress for CL and AL awards
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