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Yours truly is the candidate for the coming elections.

The King is dead long live the mouse.

So give me your vote.

As every politician I do guaratee total satisfaction. If not, you get your vote back, promise!


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July 2016

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Hello to easy-Speak Made Easy participants - we hope you enjoy the use of King Arthur's Playground Club for practising the tasks suggested in the course. If you are not yet enrolled in the course please self-enrol here.


Please keep all of your additions or amendments to meetings, speeches and records in the fun spirit of this space.

King Arthur, Peter Pan

Tarzan (Diana), Minnie

Add your member name next to mine when you have been here and made changes!

Note: Details on this portal page and the meeting agendas, may change from time to time as learners practice their skills here. 

If you would like further support from the members of the easy-Speak Community at Facebook, click the link below. 


The King Arthur's Club is Unique


You are visiting the home page of the King Arthur's Playground Toastmasters Club.  The rootin-ist and tootin-ist Toastmasters club there ever was.

Club Founder/Sponsor - Mickey Mouse

Mickey has a special talent for bringing friends together.  Just a few years ago, we were sitting around a big old, round picnic table, eating jelly beans, when suddenly Minnie Mouse got the idea, and the name for our club. Then, those two lovebirds decided to name the club in honor of King Arthur, whose presentations are, of course, legendary.  

From that moment on, the laughs have not stopped coming.  More members have joined and the fun keeps on growing with each presentation we make.  Would you like to come along and sing the song and join the jamboree?


You could not find a Toastmasters club with more friendship in which to practice your speaking skills or a club with more legendary mentors with whom to practice your leadership skills, than the King Arthur's Playground TM Club!

Oh, and, be sure to check out our Blog for the latest news about our great members. 

Peter Pan, IT Support 

Tip of the Day:
  Members - You can see an overview of your Leadership progress on the profile_cl screen (Left side navigation > My Participation > View my CL|ALx Progress OR Menubar > My Participation > View my CL|ALx Progress)
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