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Yours truly is the candidate for the coming elections.

The King is dead long live the mouse.

So give me your vote.

As every politician I do guaratee total satisfaction. If not, you get your vote back, promise!


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July 2016

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Witty Storytellers Online - first official meeting

Welcome to participate to our first meeting the 28th July

Online platform GoToMeeting

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LABELS:  ONLINE,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5  WITTY STORYTELLERS,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5  FIRST MEETING,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5 ,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5
Posted: King Arthur's Playground, 16 Jul 16, 08:47 by Minnie Mouse    Comments:

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This is an example blog

LABELS:  NOTES,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5  DETAIL,&sid=1e18ca816219dfbdacb0128d301128f5
Posted: King Arthur's Playground, 19 Oct 14, 17:37 by Peter Pan    Comments:

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