The first Toastmasters Conference of the new District will take place in Pretendland this December 2018!

The district conference is an exciting educational and networking event for a district’s clubs.
Purpose of a Conference:

  • Do district business
  • Communication and leadership training
  • Opportunities in support of the district mission
  • Opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas
  • Recognition and celebration of district accomplishments

Organizing a conference is a Leadership activity. You may experience how to lead a big team and go throught the following topics:

  • Planning: is the key to a successful district conference. Members should leave the conference feeling that they enjoyed, learned, and benefited. You can make this happen with some creativity and planning;
  • Create a team: the success of a district conference also depends on appointing the right people to fill important positions;
  • Program: under the guidance of the District Governor and LGET, the conference committee chair is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the conference;
  • Financing: the finance chair is responsible for all financial matters involved in presenting the conference, including registration, venue and meal contracts TM do not look for profit but the district conference should not lose money;
  • Education Sessions: the education program chair is appointed to organize the general education sessions and training sessions.She/he is responsible for the educational sessions,speakers, awards, speech contests, entertainment, and room set-up for all meetings;
  • Public Relations: promotion of conference events to Toastmasters in the district and to the public. This person works closely with the public relations officer so the conference receives exposure in the district and club newsletters, websites, and available media;
  • Physical arrangements: Involve registration desk, meal tickets, room setup and guide or supervise all important details for important guests like international leaders, directors, and region advisors.